Business & Industry

The Tenn-Tom Waterway

  • Has been designated a national marine highway (M-65)
  • Links to 4,500 miles of navigable waterways serving mid-America
  • Strategically located to serve 23 states throughout the South and Midwest U.S. (View maps)
  • Ships as much as 1.2 billion ton-miles of commerce each year
  • Provides an annual savings of $100 million in transportation costs for those companies
  • Has a maximum tow size of 8 barges (in a single lockage)
  • Has a network of highways and railways along the waterway route
  • Has extensive deposits of natural gas
  • Is served by major electrical utilities including Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Has over 17 public ports and terminals
  • Provides access to an ample labor market
  • Provides a link between foreign and domestic ports, through deep water ports on the Gulf of
  • Has available waterfront industrial sites