Navigation Mile

Bridge Type


Pool Elevation N.G.V.D.

Mississippi Highway 25443.4FixedNormal Pool414.0
Southern Railroad436.0FixedNormal Pool414.0
U.S. Highway 72435.3FixedNormal Pool414.0
Illinois Central Gulf Railroad424.7FixedNormal Pool414.0
Mississippi Highway 30421.8FixedNormal Pool414.0
Mississippi Highway 4411.6FixedNormal Pool330.0
Natchez Trace Parkway410.7FixedNormal Pool330.0
U.S. Highway 78389.4FixedNormal Pool245.0
Mississippi Highway 6370.1FixedNormal Pool190.0
Burlington Northern Railroad369.8FixedNormal Pool190.0
U.S. Highway 278368.3FixedNormal Pool190.0
Burlington Northern Railroad357.0FixedNormal Pool163.0
U.S. Highway 45356.7FixedNormal Pool163.0
Mississippi Highway 50339.4FixedNormal Pool163.0
U.S. Highways 45 and 82331.8FixedNormal Pool136.0
Illinois Central Gulf Railroad330.9FixedNormal Pool136.0
Brooksville Road308.0FixedNormal Pool136.0
Alabama Highway 17292.7FixedNormal Pool109.0
Alabama Highway 39266.3FixedNormal Pool109.0
Interstates 59 and 20 Highway253.2FixedNormal Pool73.0
Alabama Great Southern Railroad248.5FixedNormal Pool73.0
William C. Gorgas (U.S. 11) Highway248.3FixedNormal Pool73.0

For information about bridge clearances visit the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers website.